Alternative Meeting Platform

Meetings are a critical member benefit and revenue stream for associations, and an essential part of any corporate business. VR Conflux delivers an alternative platform for group gatherings, instead of or in addition to, live events or in-person meetings.

Built on the foundation of 3D Lift Vision, a virtual reality mode available in a popular crane equipment lift planning software called 3D Lift Plan, VR Conflux offers customizable branding for your organization, simple dashboard controls, and a seamless user experience.

[insert info about licenses, venue size capabilities, pricing, etc] Licenses provide the hosting organization administrative control through the VR Conflux website.

VR Conflux [add details, such as lobby, meeting room, conference room, exhibit center, etc.]
VR Conflux - Board Room/Safety Meeting [add details]
VR Conflux - Holiday Party [add details such as gathering place, dining room or ballroom, and games, etc.]

VR Conflux

VR Conflux offers a unique virtual experience for conferences, trade shows, and exhibit centers. Wearing a VR headset, attendees can walk around the conference, attend education sessions, find friends and associates, and talk to them in real time -- all from the comfort of your home or office!

While at the exhibit center, attendees can pick up literature to add to your virtual swag bag, watch videos from exhibitors, and even talk to booth personnel as if you were meeting in person.

In the lounge area, attendees can network with each other, virtually shake hands and even give each other high fives.

VR Conflux is not like any other virtual conference software. Experience it at your next conference!

VR Rendezvous

Hold a holiday party in the VR Conflux virtual meeting platform!

For companies that won't be able to meet in person for their annual end-of-year celebrations, VR Conflux Holiday Party offers an alternative. The experience is designed to enable more organic networking and socializing than is possible in a traditional tele-video conference format. Participants can either launch a computer desktop version or download the VR Conflux app from Google Play or Apple's App Store to launch on a phone or tablet.

Capable of accommodating up to 150 guests per room, the virtual reality platform includes a gathering place for socializing where guests will mingle upon logging in. When dinner is ready, corporate meeting planners can choose a single large ballroom or multiple smaller dining rooms for more intimate conversation. Once guests enter the dining room, a video screen enables you to stream a live or pre-recorded message.

Team-building is more important than ever. VR Conflux Holiday Party gives employers a way to engage with employees who are separated by distance.

Just for fun, VR Conflux Holiday Party also includes an outdoor setting where guests can have a cyber-simulated snowball fight after dinner.